Every other day I hear the same comment. Why don’t we post our rates? Well there are good reasons for it that have nothing to do with any type of sinister intentions. Imagine the following scenario. A rate gets posted then it gets back to the FT non locum CRNA’s who are working at the facility. The FT CRNA’s at the facility get angry and start to riot. The next thing you know the practice manager calls me in a panic as I hear screaming and chanting in the background. Anesthesia machines are overturned. All the coffee in the break room is poured out on the floor. Glidescopes piled up in the middle of the OR are being doused with SEVO in an effort to make a nonflammable anesthetic work as a catalyst. The medication labels are ripped from every anesthesia cart and set on fire. I just really can’t go through that again.

While this may or may not have happened, there are legit reasons for not publicly posting rates. First, it can create animosity and discord between the FT Staff and the locum CRNA’s. Everyone knows the locum is making more but when it is placed on paper in front of you it can make some people angry and cause problems internally for the practice. Another reason is since there are so many agencies out there right now fighting for anesthesia placements, it would create a free for all on the job boards. This ultimately would drive the prices higher and higher which I suppose a CRNA might argue is great but the practice may not have the same sentiment. I know there are other agencies posting rates publicly and I have to respect that it works for them.

The bottom line is one minute out of your life to email me will give you the answer. We do not try to hide anything. You might even want to schedule a call. That way you can find out what a cool guy I am.