LOCUMS for HIRE is transforming the way staffing companies treat the professionals who work with them and the facilities they serve.

LOCUMS for HIRE – The Story

Locums for Hire was founded in 2020 by locum CRNA’s that wanted to make a change in the business. As practicing locum tenen CRNAs they knew the freedom that came with the locum tenen lifestyle, as well as the flexibility and balance that locum tenen practice allowed. Most importantly, they also knew the challenges that independent anesthesia providers faced in today’s rapidly changing job market. As a result, the idea for Locums for Hire was born from their desire to offer that freedom and flexibility to fellow practitioners while lessening the workload that comes with finding assignments, negotiating contracts, and obtaining facility credentialing.

Decades of anesthesia experience have created a company that offers a professional and dedicated service to CRNAs who want the personal freedom of the locums’ lifestyle. Moreover, they have assembled a qualified team of professionals committed to serving the needs of the providers they partner with as well as providing quality anesthesia practitioners to the facilities who seek their anesthesia services.

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“I’ve had the great pleasure of working side-by-side with Joel Donald and Scott Daoust for nearly twenty years. I have found them to be outstanding anesthesia providers. They are professional, clinically excellent, and personable. They exhibit appropriate concern with cases of all magnitudes. There are three “As” in anesthesia: availability, amicability and ability, which describe Joel and Scott very accurately. The OR nursing staff love them because they are always willing to help.

Anesthesia and aviation are always compared.  Superior pilots use their superior judgement to avoid having to use their superior skill. If you wanted the embodiment of that, in two anesthesia providers, it would be Scott Daoust and Joel Donald.”

Chris Braswell M.D. , Anesthesiologist

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Joel Donald since 1998.  I have always known Joel to be very professional in his anesthesia practice: demonstrating great knowledge and exceptional skills.  He is diligent in achieving both his personal and professional goals.  Joel has an impeccable work ethic and consistently rises to any challenge that comes his way.  He exhibits care and concern in all areas of his personal life and is admired by those who are privileged to know him.  Joel Donald is a honest business owner.  He will tirelessly work to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients.  If you have any interest in locums anesthesia work, you would be well served with Locums for Hire.”

Darren Brown, CRNA

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