We founded Locums for Hire with the desire to do business differently than other agencies that have left us frustrated in the past. Believe it or not, there are many ways in which this has been more of a struggle than initially imagined.

Many devote their evenings to watching television or exercising- something I probably should be doing myself- However, my wife and I enjoy winding down with a glass of wine while we discuss the business. We ask ourselves… “What are we doing right?” “What could we be doing better?” Through these conversations of evaluating who we are and who we want to be, the hope is that we can avoid being boxed in with the big guys.

While the answers to these questions will ever be evolving, I can give a few answers of things I really feel we are doing right.

First, we always put the CRNA first. When you contact us, Mikeal is already one step ahead and quick to respond. There are numerous times she stops me mid conversation because a CRNA is trying to reach us. Can’t this wait a minute, I ask, and she reminds me that fast response times are one of our core principles. She is correct. How many times have you patiently waited for your recruiter to get back to you? What about weekends? Forget it… We pretty much try to make ourselves available 7 days a week.

Second, we strive to create a no hassle negotiation. We have the lowest Margin rates in this business. We pass more to the CRNA. We don’t try to make 25-30% off of your labor. I’ve seen the contracts from many agencies. Trust me this is what they take. Although our margins vary, we are often half what the other agencies are charging and quite possibly more. We recently negotiated a pay rate increase of 10/hr from a facility to a provider. We took nothing from this. We passed it directly to the provider and did not try to add anything on the top. I have also paid a CRNA 10/hr more to keep him at a facility despite not getting a dime extra. Funny thing. He didn’t ask. I just felt like we needed to give him more to fit in line with what the area was bringing, despite the hospital not increasing our rate at all. My goal is to initially provide the best rate and not make you wonder if there is more on the table that you may be losing.

Finally, I am a CRNA. I’ve been in this business since graduating from Baylor College of Medicine in 2000. I work our contracts. I will try to give you a real picture of what I am asking you to do. I will tell you the truth. I will tell you if a place is a little micromanaging. I will give you the best picture I can of the practice environment you are walking into. If I can’t work the role myself, I find CRNA’s that work in those facilities and ask them the tough questions. CRNA’s are typically honest and open with other CRNA’s. Can a recruiter sitting at their laptop at home do that?

So, these are just a few ways we are trying to be different. We are always trying to be better. We always put the CRNA’s first. We will respond fast, and lastly, we will offer you the best rate first and give you a clear picture of the facility as we know it.

Now back to another evening, another glass of wine and more endless discussions as we navigate how we can be better.