In my opinion, credentialing can be one of the more challenging pieces of the locum tenen process. The process varies from facility to facility and the time frames range from 4 weeks to 4 months. This can make planning new contracts a bit tricky. Here are a few tips I hope can help you navigate this as smoothly as possible.  

  • Keep your CV updated with detailed information. Your work history should go back to your completion of school and include explanations for any gaps in your work history. This should be in chronological order beginning with your current job. Please list start and finish dates with each job and education listings.
  • Keep a separate spread sheet with updated contact information for the best contact person that can (and will) respond to a verification request for that work period. Include email and phone number. This may be someone in HR or someone from the practice management group you worked with.
  • Keep a list of hospital affiliations. You may have worked with one particular practice group, but could have been affiliated with multiple facilities.
  • Keep a file of your malpractice face sheets or COI for each job. I’ve had facilities go back over 5 years for proof of coverage. Name each file clearly making sure you do not show gaps in coverage.
  • Request case logs from your previous assignment. Most facilities want at least 2 years and these may have to show cases to back up certain privileges you are requesting. It may take some time to get these logs, so get ahead of this one.
  • Keep your files organized and in pdf format. I would make sure you have access to your files by phone as well, so you can quickly access a document and send if needed.
  • Use a scanner application on your phone to scan photos of documents as opposed to your camera on your phone. It keeps those documents in a better format that can be emailed or uploaded to an online application. I like Turbo Scanner.

The best advice I can give when credentialing at a new site is act quickly. Once your contract is approved, you should set aside a day to have all requested documentation submitted within 5 business days. There will be additional requests for information along the way, but if you submit your updated files as quickly as possible, this will set you up for successfully meeting your anticipated start date.